Create a Unit

MyDestiny organizes lessons in easy-to-manage units. Units let you divide your class curriculum into thematic components filled with targeted lessons.

  1. On the side-bar, under MY CLASSES, select a class.
  2. On the UNITS & LESSONS tab, click Create Unit. The Create Unit page appears.
  3. Type a Name, Essential Questions, Objectives and Unit Description.

    Note: The Essential Questions, Objectives and Unit Description are optional. But, the more information you add, the better the resource recommendations MyDestiny can make.

  4. Click Create Unit.
  5. To open the unit and create lessons, click the unit title.


  • To edit unit details, on the UNITS tab, next to the unit name, select More options > Edit.
  • To delete a unit, select More options > Delete. This option only appears if there are no lessons in the unit.
  • To share a unit, select More options > Share. For more information, see Share Lessons and Units.
  • To assign, move, copy or delete multiple lessons in a unit, see Manage Lessons in a Unit.