Edit an Assigned Lesson

After a lesson is assigned, you can add or remove content. The lesson is locked for all students during editing, and needs to be updated and reassigned before students can access it again.

Tip: Click here to watch a video.
  1. On the side-bar, under MY CLASSES, select a class.
  2. On the UNITS & LESSONS tab, click a unit name.
  3. In the row of the assigned lesson you want to edit, selectMore options> Edit. A pop-up appears.
  4. To confirm, click Edit Lesson.
  5. Make any necessary changes to Standards, Text, eBooks, Resources, Collections or the Quiz Builder.
  6. Do any of the following:
    Reopen lesson without changing student progressReassign quiz to all students after editing
    1. Reopen the lesson by clicking Click here to update the lesson. A pop-up appears.
    2. Click Update Lesson.
    1. Reopen the lesson by clicking Click here to update and reassign the quiz to all students. A pop-up appears.
    2. Click Update Quiz.


  • If you reopen the lesson without changing student progress, you can lock the lesson, make edits, and then reassign the lesson back to students without them losing the work they have already done. When the lesson is unlocked and reopened, students pick up where they left off.
  • If you reassign the quiz after editing it, all students have to take the quiz again, even if they have already completed it.