Use Quiz Builder

You can add a quiz to any lesson. There are many different question types you can use, including multiple choice, true/false and written responses.

All selected response questions are scored by MyDestiny. All open-ended questions must be reviewed and scored by the teacher.

You can review the results by class average or individual student.

To add a quiz to a lesson:

  1. On the side-bar, under MY CLASSES, select a class.
  2. On UNITS & LESSONS tab, click a unit name.
  3. Click a lesson name.
  4. Click Add a Quiz Question.
  5. Select a quiz type:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Fill in the Blanks (Cloze)
    • Classify, Match & Order
    • Written & Recorded
    • Highlight
    • Math
    • Graphing
    • Charts
    • File upload
    • Image annotation upload
  6. Select a particular question type, such as True/False or Multiple Choice (question types vary based on quiz type).
  7. Compose questions, and set the correct answers.
  8. Click Save.

Note: For help while writing questions, click Help on the Quiz dashboard.